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The easiest way to find out if the song you are looking for was ever produced for karaoke and whether or not it might be legally for sale somewhere is to visit and search at:
OpenKJ Database
The results will show if the song is for sale for immediate download, and if the song was ever available on an out-of-print (legacy) karaoke disc.  Make note of the disc number (SongID) if you intend to go shopping for a specific disc.  Some songs are also available via subscription services.  All songs shown may be played in any public venue as long as that venue has paid its PRO music licenses.
Where To Buy Individual Songs as Legal Downloads (MP3+G's)**
PartyTyme Karaoke (Sybersound)  (USA) - instant downloads
This is the last surviving producer of karaoke tracks and discs in the USA.  PartyTyme is fully licensed and totally legal.  This company also absorbed the back-catalogs of Pocket Songs and Tropical Zone Karaoke, so they have a deep selection of older tracks, while  turning out extremely high-quality new tracks on a regular basis.
(This producer changed its domain name from "" in early 2019.)

Recisio/Karaoke Version (France) - instant downloads
A huge, deep library of high-quality tracks, this is Sonic Lizard's favorite place to shop.  The best user-interface of all the websites.
Recent hits and rare oldies released daily.  You may also customize your backing tracks here, taking out or adjusting the volume of background singers and individual instruments.  Recisio also has exclusive licencing with a few artists who do not allow karaoke versions of their songs to be sold as downloads elsewhere.

SBI Karaoke (UK) - instant downloads
The vast majority of karaoke tracks these days come from producers in the UK, but most of these manufacturers are legally barred from selling to customers outside of Great Britain.  SBI is an exception, because they pay for global licensing.  SBI has been making backing tracks and karaoke tracks for longer than anyone else.  A huge and wonderful library of good to medium quality tracks in every genre.  They pay strict attention to the No-Fly regulations, so many tracks are available as instrumentals only (no lyrics displayed) so pay close attention to which you are buying.

THE NO-FLY LIST:  The music publishers for many artists no longer allow the sale of karaoke versions of their songs via download, so you won't find them online at any legal sites. But in some of these cases the artists' works may still be licensed for sale on physical CDG discs, so you might still obtain them by ordering a custom CDG (see below).  SBI would be the best bet for this.
Where To Buy Karaoke Discs (CDG's) Online*
For old and out-of-print discs by all the former producers.  It helps to know the manufacturer's disc number for the specific disc you are looking for.  Just be sure you are getting an original manufacturer's disc and not a counterfeit copy!  This process is extremely hit-or-miss, and it may take years to get a song you are looking for this way.  Blame piracy.

Ebay UK
The latest new CDG's from top UK producers Zoom, Mr. Entertainer, and Sunfly, as well as some of their older discs, may be found and purchased through Ebay's UK website.  These manufacturers are not allowed to make direct sales to customers in the USA or Canada, but a third party such as Ebay may legally re-sell them to you.  Again, this process may be extremely hit-or-miss.

Where To Order Custom CDG's Online*
Build your own disc & have it mailed to you from:
PartyTyme Karaoke (Sybersound)  (USA)
SBI Karaoke (UK)


Note that there were many, many U.S. and Canadian manufactures up until a few years ago, but illegal pirating of karaoke discs, illegal file sharing, as well as complicated U.S. licensing laws have forced all but Sybersound/PartTyme out  business.  The Japanese companies that produced English karaoke gave up over two decades ago.  Since 2015, the majority of new karaoke tracks now come from Great Britain and France, but heavy legal restrictions block most sales of these to the USA.  Chartbuster, the second largest US manufacturer, went out of business in April 2012.  Pop Hits Monthly died a year later, and Pocket Songs was absorbed by Sybersound.  Sound Choice (now PEP), once the top producer of karaoke in the USA, has only made a couple dozen new song in a dozen years, and only rents out a small percentage of its back catalog to professional KJ's on a contractual basis.

Illegal file sharing is not a victimless crime.  It has nearly destroyed the karaoke industry.

You may bring your own karaoke discs to a Sonic Lizard Karaoke show, and we'll be happy to let you sing from them (on your turn, of course!)  We will always play a customer's disc at any show.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR DISC ISN'T SCRATCHED.  Worn out discs may well skip, freeze up, or refuse to play, leaving you stranded on stage without music, lyrics, or both.  We hate when that happens, and you will too!
Your discs need to be in the CDG (aka CD+G) format.

Use extra caution when buying Pocket Songs and Just Tracks brand discs -- some of them look like CDG's but are just instrumental music CD's -- we can play them, but they have no lyrics to display on the tv screen for you!

Do not bring in Chartbuster brand custom made CDG's.  Regular Chartbuster discs are fine, but the custom made ones won't play in computer-based systems or most modern dvd/cdg players or drives.

When purchasing a CDG you intend to use for performing out, do not purchase a "Multi-plex" CDG unless it already comes with the regular karaoke versions of the songs as well.  "Multi-plex" means the track already has a lead vocal, and while good for practicing at home it's not what you want for performing out.  If you bring us a disc that contains both the "Multi-plex" and regular versions of the songs, please be careful that you give us the correct track number for the regular version when you put in your song request!  Thank you!

We at Sonic Lizard Karaoke take great care in handling our customers' discs, but keep in mind that CDG's are fragile, and even the best equipment can malfunction.  We are not responsible for loss or damage of your CDG's.  We recommend you keep your originals at home, and only bring out copies to sing from.  Copies however only work if you used the correct software and cdr drive to make them, and should not be made anywhere prohibited by law.

You may bring your own (legally purchased) downloaded karaoke songs to a Sonic Lizard Karaoke show, and we'll be happy to let you sing from them (on your turn, of course!)

But the files MUST be in the MP3+G format, and already UN-ZIPPED.  If the songs are in the proper format, you will see two files per song when you browse them, one file (the music) will have an extension of ".mp3", and the other file (the graphics file with the lyrics in it) will have an extension of ".cdg".  Such file pairs are what is termed the MP3+G or MP3G format.  Sometimes the file pairs come together in a single ".zip" file -- with our present system the file pair must already be extracted (or "un-zipped") for us to be able to play them.

You may bring in your MP3+G files on a CDR or CDRW disc, on an SD memory card, or on a USB thumb drive.   If you are purchasing legal downloads of karaoke songs at home, be sure to backup the drive you are storing them on - do not bring us your only copy!

When purchasing legal downloads of karaoke songs you intend to sing out at an actual show, do not buy the "Multi-plex" versions.  Versions labeled "Multi-plex" already have a lead vocal in the recording, and while good for practicing at home are not what you want for performing out.

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