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Karaoke Scene Magazine (online forums)
JOLT Forum (honorable mention)
(JOLT was the oldest karaoke forum on the web, hosted by
KARAOKE.COM, but they retired the server long ago)
Genuine Live Band Karaoke in Chicago (the real deal)
collective is a single company (LBK) comprised of some of the best musicians in all Chicago - accept no substitutes!!!  Visit their official website to see where they're playing.
Where To Buy Karaoke Discs (CDG's) Online *
Ace Karaoke
Tropical Zone Karaoke
                ASAP Karaoke(Canada)
Karaoke Warehouse
                                                            Sound Choice (limited selection of old releases only)
         Sing To The World (UK)
NOTE: most karaoke discs (CDG's) are out of print, and the supplies of what's left are extremely limited.  This list now represents the last few places you can look, but don't expect to get lucky.  If you know the manufacturer number of a specific disc, you may find it on Amazon or E-bay; just be sure you are getting an original manufacturer's disc and not a counterfeit copy!  Also, Zoom and SBI brand discs that may not be sold directly from US retailers may occasionally be found on Amazon or Ebay.XXX
Where To Order Custom CDG's Online *
Select Karaoke
         SBI Karaoke (UK)
         Sing To The World (UK)
Where To Buy Individual Songs as Legal Downloads (MP3+G's)**
Recisio/Karaoke Versions (France) - instant downloads
                                 Select Karaoke - instant downloads of Zoom, SBI, Sunfly, & small UK labels
SBI Karaoke (UK) - downloads via e-mail
THE NO-FLY LIST:  The music publishers for many artists no longer allow the sale of karaoke versions of their songs via download, so you won't find them online at any legal sites.  But in some of these cases the artists works may still be licensed for sale on physical CDG discs, so you might still obtain them by ordering a custom CDG (see above).  SBI would be the best bet for this.XXX
Current Karaoke Manufacturers (the people who make the tracks)
Sound Choice (the last US manufacturer - but no recent releases)
Tropical Zone Karaoke (Spanish language karaoke tracks and discs)
Zoom Entertainment (UK) - constantly makes new, high quality tracks
Sing To The World (UK) - disc packages, custom discs & streaming services
SBI Karaoke (UK) - huge library & always adding
Sunfly Karaoke (UK) - huge library and always adding
Recisio/Karaoke Versions (France) - the go-to manufacturer these days, fairly high quality, huge & very
current library, sells downloads only from their own site.  You can cutomize tracks and vote on the next releases.
Note that there were many, many U.S. and Canadian manufactures up until a few years ago, but illegal pirating of karaoke discs, illegal file sharing of ripped tracks, as well as U.S. licensing laws have forced most of them out of business, and the ones that remain have seriously reduced production.  The Japanese companies that produced English karaoke gave up over two decades ago.  As of 2015, the majority of new karaoke tracks are now coming almost exclusively from Great Britain and France.  Chartbuster, the second largest US manufacturer, went out of business in April 2012.  Pop Hits Monthly died a year later, and Pocket Songs has recently disappeared.  Sound Choice has not produced a new song in about 10 years and only sells a small percentage of its repackaged back catalog.

Illegal file sharing is not a victimless crime.  It puts people out of work.

You may bring your own karaoke discs to a Sonic Lizard Karaoke show, and we'll be happy to let you sing from them (on your turn, of course!)  We will always play a customer's disc at any show.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR DISC ISN'T SCRATCHED.  Worn out discs may well skip, freeze up, or refuse to play, leaving you stranded on stage without music, lyrics, or both.  We hate when that happens, and you will too!
Your discs need to be in the CDG (aka CD+G) format.

Use extra caution when buying Pocket Songs and Just Tracks brand discs - some of them look like CDG's but are just instrumental music CD's - we can play them, but they have no lyrics to display on the tv screen for you!

Do not bring in Chartbuster brand custom made CDG's.  Regular Chartbuster discs are fine, but the custom made ones won't play in computer-based systems or most modern dvd/cdg players or drives.

When purchasing a CDG you intend to use for performing out, do not purchase a "Multi-plex" CDG unless it already comes with the regular karaoke versions of the songs as well.  "Multi-plex" means the track already has a lead vocal, and while good for practicing at home it's not what you want for performing out.  If you bring us a disc that contains both the "Multi-plex" and regular versions of the songs, please be careful that you give us the correct track number for the regular version when you put in your song request!  Thank you!

We at Sonic Lizard Karaoke take great care in handling our customers' discs, but keep in mind that CDG's are fragile, and even the best equipment can malfunction.  We are not responsible for loss or damage of your CDG's.  We recommend you keep your originals at home, and only bring out copies to sing from.  Copies however only work if you used the correct software and cdr drive to make them, and should not be made anywhere prohibited by law.

You may bring your own (legally) downloaded karaoke songs to a Sonic Lizard Karaoke show, and we'll be happy to let you sing from them (on your turn, of course!)

But the files MUST be in the MP3+G format, and already UN-ZIPPED.  If the songs are in the proper format, you will see two files per song when you browse them, one file (the music) will have an extension of ".mp3", and the other file (the graphics of the lyrics) will have and extension of ".cdg".  Such file pairs are what is termed the MP3+G or MP3G format.  Sometimes the file pairs come together in a single ".zip" file - with our present system the file pair must already be extracted (or "un-zipped") for us to be able to play them.

You may bring in your MP3+G files on a CDR or CDRW disc, on an SD memory card, or on a USB thumb drive.    If you are purchasing legal downloads of karaoke songs at home, be sure to backup the drive you are storing them on - do not bring us your only copy!

When purchasing legal downloads of karaoke songs you intend to sing out at an actual show, do not buy the "Multi-plex" versions.  Versions labeled "Multi-plex" already have a lead vocal in the recording, and while good for practicing at home are not what you want for performing out.

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