SONIC LIZARD KARAOKE Chicago, Illinois  630-886-6883

Offering the very best of old and new:
Rock, Pop, Soul, Folk, R&B, Disco
& Country Music

The Equipment
PEAVEY PR15 15-inch 200wRMS main speaker pair (stand mounted)
PEAVEY IPR2 3000 Power Amp (output 525wRMS/ch)
Gator Pro Series Rotationally Molded 2 Space Rack Case (holds the amp)
Behringer XENYX X1832USB +FX 18 channel mixer console (#2)
Gator 18 x 15 x 6.5 inch Mixer Bag (to carry the mixer) (#2)
Fender 1270-P 100 watt self-powered 10" floor monitor (rebuilt)
HEIL SOUND's stationary, stand mounted FIN series professional mics
SHURE BETA 58A professional mics
Live Wire Elite QUAD XLR/Mic cables
Primary Player: Dell Inspiron 1525 w/internal Toshiba cd+g drive
Backup Player:  Dell Inspiron 1525 w/internal Toshiba cd+g drive
(we bring the backup player to every show and event)
Primary video:  S-video out through to RCA CRF940 RF modulators
Bacup video: AITech MaxView VGA video converter
Zenith 19" LCD TV (installed at Davenport's)
Insignia 24" LCD TV (used at private parties)
Gator 19 x 26 mixer case (to carry the TV)
Professional mic and speaker stands

PR15 speakers

Amp and Gator case

Mixer, Gator case
and Peavey Amp

Behringer XENYX
18 channel Mixer

FIN series mics

...did we mention
they glow?
You can click on the images or text for a close look.

SoundTech PS802 Digital 800 watt amp (output 230w/ch stereo - in servive 1999 to 2017!)
Alto TrueSonic TS115A 15-inch 400 watt single powered speaker (installed at Shalers)
(for mono, single-speaker applications in tight spaces)
Alto TrueSonic TS112A 12-inch 400 watt single powered speaker
(for mono, single-speaker applications in even tighter spaces)
(2) Fender 1270-P 100 watt self-powered 10" floor monitors (used)
Behringer MX 1604A 16 channel mixer console (in servive 1999 to 2014!)
Alesis Nanoverb digital effects processor (a venerable antique)
Rack mount shelf (for the Alesis Nanoverb)
Gemini 10x2 space rack (willing to sell)
Phillips CDR775 two-tray cd player and recorder (a venerable antique)
VocoPro cd+g graphics decoder
VocoPro DKC-100 12-step digital key changer
Plextor external cd+g drive
Custom built 11x6 space rack
Custom built foam-lined 4 space rack (used to house the former 400 disc player)
Sony Vaio w/internal Panasonic cd+g drive (down - needs repair)
Johnson 15R powered floor monitor (willing to sell)

Behringer XENYX X1832USB +FX 18 channel mixer (#1) (stolen in 2016)
Gator 18 x 15 x 6.5 inch Mixer Bag (#1) (stolen in 2016)
Sony CDP-CX455 400 disc player (sold)
Sony CDP-CX300 300 disc player (died and junked)
Panasonic 5-disc cd+g player (died and junked)
IBM Thinkpad w/external Plextor cd+g drive (junked)
Case 200 watt amp for unpowered floor monitors (junked)
Fender 1270 100 watt unpowered 10" floor monitor (cannibalized for the cone)
Our original Fender 1270-P 100 watt self-powered 10" floor monitor (stolen)
Toshiba 19" LCD TV (stolen along with the original Fender 1270-P)
Peavey TLS-5 15-inch main speaker pair
(Still pictured below, our beautiful first Peavey speakers were stolen while loading in for a holiday party downtown in December 2011 -- if you see a nice pair of TLS-5's somewhere let us know, they could be ours!  And we do have a serial #)

The Good Old Gear

The Big Rack
w/ SoundTech amp

Behringer MX 1604A
Mixer  & Vocopro
graphics decoder

Full view

Amp, Alesis Nanoverb,
& Panasonic
cd player/recorder

15" PEAVEY TLS-5 speakers,
a Fender floor monitor, &

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