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Some more info for the really curious (or fanatical) singers...

  The Rotation

            Sonic Lizard Karaoke wants everyone to get as many turns singing as they want,
            and we do all we can to make sure that happens.  After all, we're fanatical singers
            too!  Keep in mind though that every show has an end time, and some evenings
            there may be lots of people who want to sing.  Here are three things you can do to
            maximize the number of turns you get:

          Come early!!!  Karaoke shows tend to get more crowded as the night
            goes on.  Some evenings we may have to stop taking songs an hour or
            more before the show ends.

          Try and be close to the stage when your turn is near.  The time you save
            might be your own later in the show!  Try to remember who sang ahead
            of you last time.

          Have your next song slip ready to hand to the host when you come up to
            sing.  "Sing one, bring one."  This will hold your spot in the rotation.

            Remember, singers will be called up in the order they turned in their songs.
            Our goal is to keep the singers in the same order throughout the night, but if you
            forget to turn in a song, or miss your turn because you disappeared for awhile,
            you'll end up singing later in the rotation.  (But don't worry, you won't miss your
            turn if we catch you in the bathroom in these cases we just send in the wireless
            microphone and a pair of disposable rubber gloves:)  If you sing as part of a duet
            or group, we'll have to count that as your turn for the whole rotation if the wait
            has gotten to be too long for other singers.

            A word to the latecomers: we'll do what we can to speed the show along and
            hopefully squeeze you in before the end, but please don't expect to sing ahead of
            anyone who had a song turned in before you arrived!  We truly hate to disappoint
            anyone who wants to sing, but to be fair we cannot "bump" you ahead of the
            customers who have already spent their time (not to mention their hard-earned
            drinking money) waiting for their turns.

  Using our Songbooks
The NEWEST ADDITIONS to our song list can be spotted by looking for a plus
sign (+) in front of the song number.
There are many manufacturers of karaoke discs, and the quality of each brand's
reproductions can vary enormously.  Especially where we have multiple versions
of the same song, we've tried to indicate the differences between them in the
COMMENTS column to the right of the song title.  This is an expanding feature,
and we'll be adding more COMMENTS in later editions of our Songbooks.

You might note that we begin every song number with a two-letter abbreviation
indicating the manufacturers' brand name or "label".  Below is a key to those
abbreviations for us die-hard, fanatical karaoke singers that have a preference.
It's often a matter of personal taste, and even the best labels will occasionally
screw up a song, but as a rule of thumb the most reliable and authentic-sounding
versions are usually (but not always) found on those labels highlighted in bold:

AH - All Hits
AI - American Idol
AK - American Karaoke
AM - Ameri-Sing
AX - Abraxa, UK
BR - Bright Spark Karaoke
BS - Backstage
CB - Chartbusters
DG - Dangerous, Canada
DK - Daiichi Kosho, Japan
DM - Doctor Music
GB - Sweet Georgia Brown
HD - Helluva Disc
HK - Honky Cat, Canada
HL - Hotline
HS - Hot Stuff
KC - Karaoke Classic
KB - Karaoke Bay
KH - Karaoke Hits
KK - Killer Karaoke
KV - Karaoke Version, France
LC - Lost Classics
LB - Legends Bassline Series
LG - Legends Artists Series
ME - Mr. Entertainer's, UK
MH - Monster Hits
MM - Music Maestro
MT - Motown (Originals)
NT - Nutech
PH - Pop Hits
PI - Pioneer, Japan
PR - Priddis
PS - Pocket Songs
PT - Performance Trax
PX - Protrax
RC - Retro Classics
RX - Rebel Sync
RZ - Radio Starz/Country Starz
SC - Sound Choice
SD - Star Disc
SF - Sunfly, UK
SG - Stage Stars
SI - Sound Images
SK - Sing King, Canada
SM - Star-Maker, UK
SP - Super Core
SS - Superstar Karaoke
ST - Standing Ovation
SW - Sing To The World, UK
SY - Sybersound/PartyTime
TH - Top Hits
TT - Top Tunes
TZ - Tropical Zone (Latin)
UB - U-Best
UK - UK Karaoke
US - Ultra Sonic
ZM - Zoom Karaoke, UK

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