SONIC LIZARD KARAOKE Chicago, Illinois  630-886-6883

Offering the very best of old and new:
Rock, Pop, Soul, Folk, R&B, Disco
& Country Music

To keep things fun, and to keep things safe, we ask all of our customers to abide by these rules while attending our shows:
  Just a few RULES:

            Please never tap the microphone, and never ever swing it by the cord!
              Seriously, if you swing the mic by the cord you'll be cut-off, and shown
              the door.  The same thing goes for deliberate mic drops.

            Please don't place your drink on our sound equipment!

            Please don't yell into the microphone.

            Please turn in only one song slip at a time.  If you've already  got a
              song in, bring us your next one when you come up to sing.  "Sing one,
              bring one."

            Be courteous to whomever is up singing.  Never join the person up
              singing unless they invite you to do so.

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